Steps For Buying A Property In Turkey

Steps for Buying a Property

  1. Fill out our request form.
  • What is your purpose in buying a house in Turkey?
  • Which city and region do you choose?
  • How much money do you have to buy a house?
  • What features should the house you choose have?
  1. Properties & Partners experts help you find the best possible choices.
  • Our experts will prepare and offer the best available options for you according to your request.
  • Each of your questions will be answered accurately and in accordance with the most recent updated conditions and rules.
  1. Visit the Selected Choices.
  • Together with our experts, you will visit the initially selected items closely.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of each case will be explained to you.
  • Building documents such as title deed “Tapu”, habitation license “İskan”, etc. will be shown to you if needed.
  1. Negotiation and signing the contract.
  • With the advice and support of our experts, you will enter into negotiations directly with the seller.
  • Terms of payment, time of preparation and delivery of the document, delivery of the property and other conditions will be negotiated and decided.
  • Finally, the sales contract prepared by our experienced lawyers will be signed by the parties.
  • If necessary, a certified official translator will be present when signing the contract to translate the terms of the contract into your native language.
  1. Leave a holding deposit.
  • After signing the contract, you must pay an amount of at least € 2,000 as an advance payment to reserve the property.
  • This amount will remain with our company as a deposit against a receipt and will be paid to the seller on the day the title deed is transferred into your name.
  1. Get your Tax Number and open bank account.
  • With your passport in hand, together with our experts, you go to the tax office to receive the tax number and then to one of the branches of Turkish banks to open an account.
  • To open an account, you must be authenticated and your residence address in your own country must be provided by water or electricity bills, etc.,
  1. Application to the Land Registry Office.
  • Together with the experts of our company and also the seller, you will refer to the real estate registration office to prepare the property transfer document, and after registering the application and delivering the documents, the day and time of appointment to sign the documents.
  1. Appraisal Report.
  • According to the law, before the property is bought or sold by foreigners, the property must be inspected by a government expert appointed by the Land Registry Office, and its true value must be verified.
  1. Sign the documents and Get Your Title Deed.
  • On the day determined by the land registry office, you will go to the registry office with the seller and of course our expert and also an official translator, and after confirming and signing the documents, you will receive your property document. Congratulations
  • Do not forget that after obtaining the property document, you must register it in the municipality of your area. 
  1. Connection fees for utilities such as electric, gas and water.
  • In order to get electricity, water and gas connection, you must insure your property against earthquake first.
  • Then, together with the experts of our company, you will refer to each of the above departments and after completing the application form and paying the relevant subscription fees, you will receive them.

( All the above steps are part of our After Seals Service, which is a free support by Properties & Partners Turkey )