What are the Advantages of Living in Alanya?

What Are The Advantages Of Living In Alanya?

◆As is well known, Alanya is a holiday town and not only in the holiday season, thanks to the many amenities such as cafés, the cable car gondola, the historic castle, the nightlife, the countless world-class restaurants, the narrow oriental shopping arcades and much more… making Alanya simply (A town to fall in love with!!) for many people.

◆Thanks to the many different nationalities that have settled in Alanya, the inhabitants have become accustomed to the many languages and have even learned some of them, so that there are rarely any language barriers.

◆Alanya is quite proud of its head of state, who was elected the best mayor in Turkey in 2018….
Easy to see the great transformation Alayna has been in for years.

◆Comparatively affordable maintenance costs make Alanya once again a popular place to live and holiday for many nationalities.
On many days and in different places of the town there is a local market where fruit, vegetables and daily fresh farm produce can be purchased at fair prices.

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