Test to control blogs on website

Test to control blogs on website
Google displays ten search results per page, but also offers settings up to 100 results per page. The display format of a hit can vary, usually the title, summary and link are displayed. On the results page, a bar is displayed above the results that can be used to quickly switch to other Google search services, such as the map, news, image, video, shopping and book search. For some search terms, Google already displays information, news and images related to the search term directly on the results page.

Google simplifies the entry of search queries through various functions. Since 2008, when the user types in a search term, suggestions for the searched term are displayed below the typing field, originally with the approximate number of results of the individual suggestions. This procedure is called automatic completion (autocomplete, formerly Google Suggest).[13][14] This function has been available in Germany since 1 April 2009. The functionality is provided on the basis of Ajax technology, which does not require a new page request in the web browser for data transmission. Google filters offensive completions from the suggestions.[15][16]
control blogs on website
In addition, Google offers a spelling checker, this provides a suggestion for the correct spelling (“Did you mean …”) for misspelled words. The recommendation is based on a phonetic, fully automated comparison.



Logo of the Google apps
Google Search is integrated in many web browsers by default, for example in Google’s own web browser Google Chrome. There are Google apps for iOS, Android and Windows in which, among other things, voice searches can be performed. There is also the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer.

If the user clicks on the Good Luck button after typing in the search term, he or she is taken directly to the first search result. This function is only available in the desktop version.

With the presentation of the chatbot Bard, Google announced that it would expand the search to include AI-supported functions.[17][18]

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