The most important types of real estate investment in Turkey

Investment in its general form contains many risks. The real estate type has risks that may be significant because investing in the real estate fields requires huge capital and large sums of money. This type of investment sometimes brings risks. Tower investors, for example, have to rent offices as soon as possible, and this requires time, patience, and sometimes concessions in the monthly rent value, or promoting attractive offers to attract tenants to them, as their main concern is to compensate for the high costs they put in investing this tower. It is worth noting that it is difficult to sell the property because the demand for commercial real estate, such as buying or owning, is not dense or popular enough. If you want to invest in residential real estate, you will have to deal directly with the tenants, find solutions for them and provide what they need. You may also encounter problems in delaying the payment of rent on time or abruptly terminating the contract before its agreed period. It is also possible that you will suffer some damage in the apartments or rental properties, and you will have to carry out repairs and maintenance and pay additional costs. Antalya/ Cyprus has the best elements for a rich and dynamic diverse life, from history, modernity and sophistication, where beauty is everywhere. Owning is also an ideal option, as there are endless options, including luxury apartments and premium properties, among the newest and most luxurious buildings and properties, and the most beautiful luxurious decorative finishes. It also contains dozens of international universities and schools, various integrated services, and cheap prices compared to many European countries.

  • The most important types of real estate investments in Turkey 

1- Investing in real estate commercially

This type of investment is one of the important options offered to investors, and many of them choose it, and the reason for this is that Turkey contains all the ingredients necessary for the success of commercial real estate investment. Among the most prominent of these components is a stable and prosperous economy that guarantees the investor that his investment will remain at the same pace without fluctuation. 

What makes this choice right is that Turkey has a variety of commercial properties, most notably: offices / shops / which are considered the best option. Based on the fact that Turkey is characterized by its tourist nature, so it is visited by a large number of tourists every year which also results in abundant profits. Also, the huge shopping malls that Turkey is famous for are a convenient option and hotels as well.

2- Investing in residential real estate 

One of the most important real estate investments in Turkey is investing in residential real estate. Turkey contains many residential properties: such as independent apartments / apartment complexes / villas / duplexes, etc. It is also possible to choose the ready-made property, and the property that is still under construction can be selected

3- Investment in industrial real estate

Turkey has many cities and industrial regions that attract industrial investors to it, which is a good idea, especially since industrial real estate has received great government interest and support, as it dropped many imposed taxes.

4- Investing in real estate renovation 

This type of investment falls under the name of real estate development. It is to buy old real estate, then work on repairing it, then resell it at a higher price and take advantage of the price difference. Some considered this method of investment to be a revival of old real estate.

5- Investing in unfinished buildings 

Usually the owners of gigantic and huge projects prefer the option of investing an entire building, as it is suitable to be the headquarters of a huge company, a medical center or an educational institution … and the profits that will result from it will certainly be high.

  • The most important advantages of real estate investment in Turkey 

Buying a property in Turkey has many privileges and advantages, the most important of which is that you will be residing on the land of one of the important countries that are among the countries that have obtained advanced ranks in terms of economic and cultural strength, and if you buy property and live in it, you will in return get the comfort of living, and facilitate the ways life and reduce its difficulties. However, if you don’t want to live in it and only buy it for trade and investment, in this case you are also a winner because you will make money at the end of the month through rent. If you buy the apartment and live in it, you will raise your children in a conservative environment in which the customs of the East and the development of the West, and this in itself is a great gain, in addition to that you will obtain Turkish residency thanks to this property. An obvious advantage of buying real estate in Turkey is the favorable visa system and easy procedures for obtaining a residence permit. Citizens of many countries can visit Turkey for tourism purposes without wasting time and money on visa application. After 5 years real estate owners can apply for Turkish citizenship and become equal citizens of this wonderful country.

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